Is Tv Actress Sara Khan Jailed In Pakistan?

Sara Khan, who became a household name thanks to Star Plus’ Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, is currently working in a TV serial in Pakistan. There were reports that Sara was in trouble in Pakistan as her visa got expired.

It was reported that she was held by cops in Pakistan for extending her stay beyond what was specified in her visa which resulted in six days legal detention for the actress and fine.

But the ex Bigg Boss contestant rubbished the rumours. Seemingly livid at gossip-mongers, she said, “I was told to stay back for my NOC and I stayed in my five-star hotel, not in police custody. I don’t know who the f**k is spreading such news. I was not doing anything illegal there. I stayed back to get the NOC. I was two days above my visa because of flight issues. Then, the immigration people told me that I need to take the NOC. Then, I stayed back there got the NOC and came back to Mumbai. I was not detained, I was retained there. The NOC is needed from the Ministry level and I stayed back. Throughout my trip, I have been active on social media, how can people spread such stupid rumours. What the f**k…I am shooting for my show there.”

The 27-years-old actress is the first TV actress to do Pakistani TV soaps. She made her debut in Pakistan TV industry with ‘Bay Khudi’ and will continue her professional journey there. It is quite brave of her to continue working there despite the conflict between the neighbouring countries.

She is currently back in Mumbai and is shooting for a Star Plus show called ‘Jaana Na Dil Se Door’

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Sony Does Something Unexpected To Get Sunil Grover Back On The Kapil Sharma Show

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover has become the big news of the TV entertainment world. Each day there is some update related to the mid-air fight that ended with Kapil throwing a shoe at Sunil. Since then Sunil hasn’t been shooting for ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and there is no official confirmation on what is finally happening.

Were you surprised to see Sunil Grover in the finale of Sony channel’s music reality show, Indian Idol season 9 where he had an audience in splits with his Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Devi? It was probably because Sony channel is not ready to let Sunil go from TKSS.

According to a report by leading daily, Sunil has told the channel that they should accommodate him in other shows. “It’s not just Kapil’s show, even the channel has invested in it. Sunil has a contract with the channel and he cannot just leave it. He, on the other hand, has told them he doesn’t want to return to Kapil’s show, but they can utilize him for their other shows,” states the report.

Further, this is also the reason why he was on Indian Idol’s season finale show. “However, the channel is still convincing him to return to Kapil’s show now. He has been told that if he comes back his interaction with Kapil will be minimum or not at all (Kapil won’t be in the frame when Sunil will be on stage). In the meantime, they have also told Kapil to mend bridges with Sunil. It’s a prime slot and the show has been popular, though lately, it has suffered a setback due to the Sunil-Kapil fallout,” the source added.

Meantime, the channel has also banned cell phones and cameras on the sets to prevent pictures from being leaked.

Let’s see if Sony can get Sunil back on the show with “no Kapil clause”. We wonder how that will work when the show itself is called ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

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Krushna Abhishek Hints On Replacing Sunil Grover On The Show


In an interview with, Krushna at first spoke about his rivalry with Kapil. He said, “I have never had any issues with Kapil. Kapil respects me a lot and I respect him too. We must have had minor issues but we have never disrespected each other. I have never come across Kapil disrespecting me anytime. He never mixes up personal and professional issues. I don’t know why people are talking ill about him.”

When asked about Sunil Grover quitting the show, Krushna gave shocking reply !

when he was asked to comment on Sunil Grover quitting the show, he said, “Koi baat nahi! It maybe that Kapil and I work together soon!”

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These 11 Celebrities Has Been Approached For Bigg Boss Season 11

7) Mishti has been offered Bigg Boss 11. Mishti is an Indian film actress. She made her Bollywood debut with Subhash Ghai’s film Kaanchi


8) Nandish Sandhu has been offered Bigg Boss 11. He is an Indian model and television actor.


9) Anmol Singh has been offered Bigg Boss 11. She is ex-roadies contestant.


10) Falaq Naaz has been offered Bigg Boss 11. She worked in the tv serial sasural simar ka.


11) Abhishek Malik has been offered Bigg Boss 11. He is an Indian model and television actor.


Apart from this, Anupriya Kapoor and Riya sen also approached for Bigg Boss 11

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These 11 Celebrities Has Been Approached For Bigg Boss Season 11

1)  Natalia K Approached For Bigg Boss 11


2)  Mohit Malhotra Approached For Bigg Boss 11


3) Navneet Kaur Dhillon is approached Bigg Boss 11. She is an Indian actress and model, who represented India at Miss World 2013


4) Melica Amina has been offered Bigg Boss 11. She is actress, songwriter, singer and performer.



5) Pouwlomi Das has been offered Bigg Boss 11. She is an Indian model and television actress. She currently portrays the role of Baby on Suhani Si Ek Ladki


6) Exclusive- Zoya Afroz has been offered Bigg Boss 11. She is an Indian actress and model who appears in Hindi films. She was the winner of Pond’s Femina Miss India Indore 2013. She’s also ex girlfriend of Mohit Malhotra


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EXCLUSIVE: The New Format Of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11

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Salman Khan had announced that he has bagged the rights of the international TV show The Farm and also expressed his interest in getting an Indian version of the same soon. It is happening now.

According to close placed sources, Salman has discussed a novel idea with Raj Nayak. They have decided that since Bigg Boss 10 was a huge success only because of the commoners, Bigg Boss 11 might only have the common man participating. But it will be a different format.

Instead of a house, the show will be mounted on a farmhouse where the contestants will have to do kheti baari themselves. This was Salman‘s brainchild and he wants the integration of The Farm and Bigg Boss to happen this year because he won’t be able to shoot for both the shows, courtesy his busy schedule.. So getting both of them under one format seemed more logical.

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Nitibha Kaul REACT on Manveer Gurjar’s MARRIAGE

Manveer & Nitibha went along well even before Manu Punjabi had left but in his absence their friendship has gone many levels higher and they are rumored to be new love birds of this season (Pic Credit: Colors)

Photo: Colors

Nitibha, when called, however maintained a ‘No Comments’ stance. “I don’t want to talk anything about Manveer’s wedding for now. I will talk at some later date. For now, I can only say that I was not involved with him.” But Nitibha sounded very low as she said this. One could make out that she was terribly disappointed. Disturbed, in fact, is the word.

A friend of Nitibha  told “Listen, Nitibha is shocked. She won’t talk right now. Please don’t push her to say anything. She will definitely spill the beans on Manveer when the time is right and she wants to.”


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Bani Finally Reacts On Being Slammed By Viewers For Her Rude Behaviour With Salman Khan

It was quite evident that Bigg Boss 10 first runner-up VJ Bani was the most hated person on the show. She was called selfish and fake by her co-contestants but nothing stopped her fans from supporting her. VJ Bani’s stay inside the house has been most difficult and had also land up in a soup of controversies on the show. Well, she was misunderstood many times due to her bold reactions. She was even slammed by many for her disrespectful behavior with star host Salman Khan after the Om Swami incident.

After the incident in which Om Swami threw pee on Bani and Rohan Mehra, Salman Khan tried to calm down the situation and also thanked makers that they removed Om Swami from the show. The actor tried to calm down Bani but as she was upset, she gave quite a few rude replies.


In an interview with, Bani reacted on the situation saying, “I didn’t understand why did he (Salman) question me over removing mics for long. You can’t predict your reactions. I did what I felt like doing. I didn’t want to talk to anybody, I just wanted to speak to Bigg Boss so that he gave me perspective. It was such a horrible thing that happened with me. Salman sir, in his own way, was trying to downplay it by saying that it wasn’t a big deal. And I felt how come it is not a big deal? Because for me that was the worst thing that had happened to me on the show. That’s why I came across looking miffed.  If so many people are saying, it must have looked wrong. But then Salman sir is in a place where he can tell me if I am wrong.

When asked about taking any advice from her best friend Gauahar Khan before participating on the show, Bani said, “I haven’t watched Gauahar’s season. I used to hear from people inside the house that she was their favourite. Gauahar never gave me any advice. The only thing she told me was, ‘Go for this meeting. This (Bigg Boss) should be good for you.’ So, I went for the meeting for the show, signed the contract and jumped into it. But yes, because I was questioned about my every action, whenever I was in a tough situation I used to think what Gauhar would have done.

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Bigg Boss 10: Makers Of The Show To Take Legal Action Against Om Swami

The makers of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 10 have geared up for the grand finale episode. The episode will be held on January 29. The 10th season of the show was much in the limelight than expected. And all thanks to the two so-called ‘commoners’, Om Swamiand Priyanka Jagga.

Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga got more footage for the show than they could have asked for. From making personal remarks on their family members to creating unnecessary fights, Priyanka and Swamiwent down to every level. Following the incidences of violence, Priyanka and Om Swami were kicked out of the show by the makers when things turned ugly.

Ever since Om Swami has come out of the Bigg Boss 10 house, he has been making irrational claims like to have slapped Salman Khan and much more. He even went on to say that the show is scripted. Also, that housemates have been given a personal room for privacy. He made some unbelievable allegations against star host Salman Khan. Om Swami claimed Salman Khan has AIDS, got married in London and has a daughter too!

Recently he even made a shocking statement of breaking bones of Salman Khan if he was not allowed to be present in the grand finale of the show. He said, “Deshdrohiyon ke finale me hum aag lagane aa rahe hain. Salman Khan ki haddiyan todne jaayenge (I am coming to set fire to the finale of these anti-nationalists. I am going to break Salman Khan’s bones).”

Well, Om Swami has left no stone unturned to pull down Salman Khan and the makers of the show. As per our source, the production team of Bigg Boss is planning to file a legal case against Om Swami. Yes, we EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Endemol is in talks to take a legal action against this controversial man and are yet to take a final decision over the same. It’s time to give Om Swami a taste of his own medicine. Credit #BOC

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Bigg Boss 10: 13 Shocking Revelations Made By Evicted Rohan Mehra


Rohan Mehra was shown the exit doors in the last week eviction of Bigg Boss 10. He was definitely a strong player in the house and his journey in the house was not less than a roller coaster ride. After getting out of the house, Rohan Mehra recently opened up on Bani J’s behavior and now he has made some shocking revelations.

#1 In a very candid interview to a news portal, Rohan opened up about his Bigg Boss journey: “Whoever goes into Bigg Boss and survives in the house for 105 days, or more than 100 days for that matter, they’ve always had ups and downs in the show.  I had entered the house as a pampered boy, but inside, I’ve learned the way of life and I can now survive on my own without anyone’s help. I know how things function now. I can cook And I can do everything on my own.”

#2 Referring to Lopa and if he was his ‘secretary’ he said: “. I don’t think such statements are true because we’ve done things for each other throughout. She made food for me for 100 days in the house. So if in return I made coffee or helped her out, I don’t think it’s following her orders. It is just a part of friendship. Because Dosti Ki Hai Toh Nibhani Toh Padegi.’’

#3 On who is playing a ‘dirty’ game in the house, he said: “I guess it’s Manu. It’s quite visible. He keeps shuffling things here and there and often, he’s said things against Manveer. I haven’t liked him since the very beginning because he keeps making fun of others and speaks behind their back. Manu I guess isn’t true at heart, but Manveer is doing really well.”

#4 About friends, he made in the house: Yes definitely. Karan Mehra tops the list, I knew him earlier as well. Next, I got even close to Gaurav Ji. There is no need to mention about Rahul ji (Rahul Dev) and Lopa since everyone has seen it. They both were my lifelines and I couldn’t have survived without them. The bond I shared with these 4 people was great and I’ll keep it the same outside the house as well.

#5 Talking about Bani and Lopa’s catfights he commented: “They both have had their own instances. I always tried to point out the one who was wrong and let them sort it out with the other one. However, whenever I tried to explain to Bani that okay she’s wrong or anything, she used to always take it negatively because she felt I am favoring Lopa. I have actually supported her throughout, but she has somehow misunderstood me. I never really understood Bani and her strategy in the show.”

#6 But when asked who had a bigger ego he said, ‘Well, I have to say this, Lopa has a rather bigger ego.”

#7 On fights with his best friend Lopamudra, he said: I felt that Lopa did not understand me. And I am sure even she would have felt that I don’t understand her. But, that is what our Friendship was. We used to discuss and explain things to each other and within 10-15 minutes, we had our things sorted.”

#8 On taking stands he said, “There were times when things were done purposely and therefore, making an issue of them, made no sense. But, if we talk about taking a stand, I’ve always stood up for myself.”

#9 On Hina Khan supporting him since day one he said: “Obviously, ‘Maa Hai Vo meri.’ I really want to thank her and when I came out of the house at 4, she along with Kanchi and a few other friends were present there to welcome me. I felt really good about it.”

#10 On leaving his show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ for Bigg Boss: “When I was offered Bigg Boss, I had said a yes almost immediately. Of course, Salman Khan is hosting it after all. Even if it was just for once, I would have gone for it, it’s Salman Khan we are talking about. I can do anything if it’s for him. I was happy after the very first episode.”

#11 And on rumors about his girlfriend  Kanchi being insecure about his and Lopa’s friendship, “I don’t know about it yet. I met her and I did not feel anything like that at all. However, about being possessive, it is an obvious thing to happen. Had I been in her place, I would have behaved in a similar manner. But, since the very beginning, I have said that Kanchi is the one, and she’ll be the one until the end. I am very serious about her, and I have taken her name time and again. I think it’s not insecurity, but only a little possessiveness that she has.”

#12 On things he will miss about the about Bigg Boss House: “I’ll miss the House itself, and Bigg Boss’ Voice. It had become a daily routine for us. And of course, the friends I made in the house.”

#13 Who deserves to be the winner of Bigg Boss Season 10: “(laughs) Obviously I want Lopa to win. But, I also feel Manveer might win the show.”

Well! We wish the good luck for his future!

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