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Bigg Boss 10: 13 Shocking Revelations Made By Evicted Rohan Mehra


Rohan Mehra was shown the exit doors in the last week eviction of Bigg Boss 10. He was definitely a strong player in the house and his journey in the house was not less than a roller coaster ride. After getting out of the house, Rohan Mehra recently opened up on Bani J’s behavior and now he has made some shocking revelations.

#1 In a very candid interview to a news portal, Rohan opened up about his Bigg Boss journey: “Whoever goes into Bigg Boss and survives in the house for 105 days, or more than 100 days for that matter, they’ve always had ups and downs in the show.  I had entered the house as a pampered boy, but inside, I’ve learned the way of life and I can now survive on my own without anyone’s help. I know how things function now. I can cook And I can do everything on my own.”

#2 Referring to Lopa and if he was his ‘secretary’ he said: “. I don’t think such statements are true because we’ve done things for each other throughout. She made food for me for 100 days in the house. So if in return I made coffee or helped her out, I don’t think it’s following her orders. It is just a part of friendship. Because Dosti Ki Hai Toh Nibhani Toh Padegi.’’

#3 On who is playing a ‘dirty’ game in the house, he said: “I guess it’s Manu. It’s quite visible. He keeps shuffling things here and there and often, he’s said things against Manveer. I haven’t liked him since the very beginning because he keeps making fun of others and speaks behind their back. Manu I guess isn’t true at heart, but Manveer is doing really well.”

#4 About friends, he made in the house: Yes definitely. Karan Mehra tops the list, I knew him earlier as well. Next, I got even close to Gaurav Ji. There is no need to mention about Rahul ji (Rahul Dev) and Lopa since everyone has seen it. They both were my lifelines and I couldn’t have survived without them. The bond I shared with these 4 people was great and I’ll keep it the same outside the house as well.

#5 Talking about Bani and Lopa’s catfights he commented: “They both have had their own instances. I always tried to point out the one who was wrong and let them sort it out with the other one. However, whenever I tried to explain to Bani that okay she’s wrong or anything, she used to always take it negatively because she felt I am favoring Lopa. I have actually supported her throughout, but she has somehow misunderstood me. I never really understood Bani and her strategy in the show.”

#6 But when asked who had a bigger ego he said, ‘Well, I have to say this, Lopa has a rather bigger ego.”

#7 On fights with his best friend Lopamudra, he said: I felt that Lopa did not understand me. And I am sure even she would have felt that I don’t understand her. But, that is what our Friendship was. We used to discuss and explain things to each other and within 10-15 minutes, we had our things sorted.”

#8 On taking stands he said, “There were times when things were done purposely and therefore, making an issue of them, made no sense. But, if we talk about taking a stand, I’ve always stood up for myself.”

#9 On Hina Khan supporting him since day one he said: “Obviously, ‘Maa Hai Vo meri.’ I really want to thank her and when I came out of the house at 4, she along with Kanchi and a few other friends were present there to welcome me. I felt really good about it.”

#10 On leaving his show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ for Bigg Boss: “When I was offered Bigg Boss, I had said a yes almost immediately. Of course, Salman Khan is hosting it after all. Even if it was just for once, I would have gone for it, it’s Salman Khan we are talking about. I can do anything if it’s for him. I was happy after the very first episode.”

#11 And on rumors about his girlfriend  Kanchi being insecure about his and Lopa’s friendship, “I don’t know about it yet. I met her and I did not feel anything like that at all. However, about being possessive, it is an obvious thing to happen. Had I been in her place, I would have behaved in a similar manner. But, since the very beginning, I have said that Kanchi is the one, and she’ll be the one until the end. I am very serious about her, and I have taken her name time and again. I think it’s not insecurity, but only a little possessiveness that she has.”

#12 On things he will miss about the about Bigg Boss House: “I’ll miss the House itself, and Bigg Boss’ Voice. It had become a daily routine for us. And of course, the friends I made in the house.”

#13 Who deserves to be the winner of Bigg Boss Season 10: “(laughs) Obviously I want Lopa to win. But, I also feel Manveer might win the show.”

Well! We wish the good luck for his future!

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Bigg Boss 10: Nomination Task Detail


Bigg Boss asked contestants to come in the confession room in jodis. VJ Bani-Om Swami, Manu Punjabi-Monalisa, and Nitibha Kaul-Lopamudra Raut were called in the confession room. Each Jodi was asked to nominate one person among them with a mutual decision but everything turned out to be unexpected. Bani-Om Swami, Manu-Mona, and Nitibha-Lopa got into argument as they could not get down with the decision to nominate one of each Jodi.

As the jodis could not complete the nomination procedure, Bigg Boss called everyone in the living area and gave a warning that if they do not decide one name between each Jodi then all can fall into trouble. Despite giving warning, what housemates did was quite shocking.

Rohan Mehra is nominated for the entire season, he is nominated for the coming week along with Lopamudra Raut, Nitibha Kaul, Bani, Om Swami and Monalisa. Yes, 6 contestants Mona, Lopa, Nitibha, Rohan, Bani and Om Swami are nominated for the coming week’s eviction. Manu Punjabi is safe as he chose to nominate Monalisa during the nomination producer and as other contestants could not decide, Bigg Boss nominated everyone.  Also, as Manveer is the captain of the house, he is also safe from nominations

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New Update On The Manu-Monalisa Love Affair

I’m not really understanding the random love affair that’s brewing between Monalisa and Manu Punjabi. So after the luxury budget task, the celebrities’ attitude towards Monalisa visibly changed. After she broke the rule set by both the teams and picked up clothes from the conveyor belt, the celebrities have been blaming her for their losing. Mona felt super left out and went to bathroom to cry alone (err… in front of the cameras).

Tonight Episode Manu and Mona Dance

Later, when she sat next to Manu, he saw he red eyes and asked her the reason. She told him that some soap went into her eyes. Obviously, Manu didn’t buy that and probed further. When he found out the real reason, he jokingly told her “tum apna saabun badal lo”.

Well well, if you thought our man here didn’t mean something more with his statement, you’re gravely mistaken. He meant that she should change her team and come over to his side. Get it? Saabun = Team!

Wow! I’m totally shipping these two.

But like, someone should tell them that Mona can’t just switch teams like this, no?


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