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Bigg Boss 10: Guess Which Contestant Receives Highest Votes This Week

It’s none other than Prince Of India, Rohan Mehra who has received the highest votes by his fans this week. Rohan, who has been strong in the game despite being nominated for the entire season, has turned out to be India’s favourite and nothing more can make him happy. Don’t you think so?
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Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: The New Captaincy Task With A Huge Twist

Bigg Boss has introduced a new task that is quite interesting and like never before. An engine train has been placed in the garden area of the house. Rohan Mehra and Monalisa will be riding the engine i.e they have to keep paddling to keep the engine running while other housemates will be the prisoners. Yes, Lopamudra Raut, Manveer, Manu Punjabi, Bani and Om Swami will be put in the train as the prisoners.
There is huge amount riding on each contestant but they are not aware of the same. Only Monalisa and Rohan are aware of what amount is riding on each contestant. If the contestant gets down of the train, the amount riding on him/her will turn out to be a big loss. Also, the contestant getting down of the train will become a contender of the captaincy task, which they all are aware of.
The huge twist in the game is if the contestant gets does down only by the choice of Monalisa and Rohan Mehra, the riding amount on the contestant will be added to the winning prize. Every time a buzzer will ring and with the mutual decision, Rohan and Mona have to decide that who should get down from the engine. One side Rohan and Monalisa had to make sure that the contestant stays in the engine and on the other side, to become the captaincy contender, each housemate thinks of getting down the train.
Now we reveal the amount riding on each contestant- Lopamudra Raut Rs 11 Lakh, Manveer Rs 9 Lakh, Manu Punjabi Rs 7 Lakh, Om Swami Rs 444, Nitibha Kaul Rs 1 Lakh and VJ Bani Rs 6 Lakhs

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, VJ Bani was the first contestant to get down out of the train as she wanted to be the captaincy contender. The second contestant who stepped down out of the train was Om Swami. The duo wanted to be captaincy contender but was not aware that they have failed to get back the riding amount to the prize money.

 On the other hand, just when the first buzzer rang, Rohan and Monalisa asked Lopamudra Raut to get down out of the train, which means Rs 11 Lakh have been added back to the winning prize money. Well, the contestants are playing the task currently and it remains to see how the housemates react after knowing about the riding amount on each.
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Bigg Boss 10: UNBELIEVABLE Side Of Lopamudra Raut While Fighting With Rohan Mehra

Tonight, Lopamdra will be seen in a never seen avatar after Rohan Mehra says that she does not deserve loyal and good friends in her life. Rohan and Lopa got into an argument over something which made Rohan say that she only wants to listen to herself and not what others want. This left Lopamudra furious and their fight turned uglier.

As per the latest update, Rohan and Lopa are not talking to each other

Rohan then tells her that she does not deserve good friends in her life In anger, Lopa then followed Rohan in the luggage room and started throwing all the bags and clothes here and there. She warned Rohan that he is no one to tell her that what she deserves and what not. Lopa’s this side was quite shocking and it seems bitter truth has badly stuck on her mind

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Bigg Boss 10: Nomination Task Detail


Bigg Boss asked contestants to come in the confession room in jodis. VJ Bani-Om Swami, Manu Punjabi-Monalisa, and Nitibha Kaul-Lopamudra Raut were called in the confession room. Each Jodi was asked to nominate one person among them with a mutual decision but everything turned out to be unexpected. Bani-Om Swami, Manu-Mona, and Nitibha-Lopa got into argument as they could not get down with the decision to nominate one of each Jodi.

As the jodis could not complete the nomination procedure, Bigg Boss called everyone in the living area and gave a warning that if they do not decide one name between each Jodi then all can fall into trouble. Despite giving warning, what housemates did was quite shocking.

Rohan Mehra is nominated for the entire season, he is nominated for the coming week along with Lopamudra Raut, Nitibha Kaul, Bani, Om Swami and Monalisa. Yes, 6 contestants Mona, Lopa, Nitibha, Rohan, Bani and Om Swami are nominated for the coming week’s eviction. Manu Punjabi is safe as he chose to nominate Monalisa during the nomination producer and as other contestants could not decide, Bigg Boss nominated everyone.  Also, as Manveer is the captain of the house, he is also safe from nominations

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